Technicolor Dream Dinner

07 Mar 2018

This is a quick one
and goes out to all my snowed-in Northeastern brethren whose color palette for the past few days has been white, gray, dark gray and darker gray. I developed theseĀ Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple for a Bon Appetit dinner column, and they are the rarest of wintry meals: substantive without being stewy; deeply flavorful without being laborious; bright and vibrant without being un-seasonal. My favorite thing about it, besides the colors (look at those colors!) is how the shrimp and pineapple broil quickly on a sheet pan while the pineapple and pickled onions come together in minutes. Head over to BA for the recipe.

Photo by Bobbi Lin for Bon Appetit.


Published on 07 Mar 2018