Must Haves For A Bistro Restaurant


First, let us define what is a bistro. It is a small restaurant that serves food sold at a moderate price. It’s safe to say that bistros offer simple and inexpensive food compared to that of a restaurant. People who want to eat food and be at a cozy price should dine it at a bistro.

How were bistros developed? Well, it all started from Paris where the apartments there do have basement kitchens. The tenants of such apartments were paying for both their board as well as the room. This was a good way for the landlords to earn income aside from renting out their apartments. Plus, opening their kitchen for other people to dine in serves as another good source of income for them. Way back then, the food on the menus were simple and can be prepared at a good quantity. Apart from food, coffee and wine were also served.

Now that we already have an idea what a bistro is, how it was developed and its main concept. Lets now get to business and discuss bistro menu ideas.

Bistro Food Equates Simple Food

Crown-Maple-Pork-Chop-for-webThis means you need to always remember that you are going to offer simple food. Presentation should be simple as well. Never go over the top with highly expensive garnishing or going for gourmet food to serve to your customers. Do put to mind the word bistro is equivalent to serving simple food to your customers. The rest would be easy for sure!

Wines Minimal Number Only

When it comes to wines, having a total of 15-30 offerings. The equation should be about two-thirds of the offering should be red and one-third should be white. Majority of the wines you should have on the list should be inexpensive.

Let’s start the ball rolling with a list of must have for a bistro restaurant:

1. Baked goods – it has been noted that Parisians do start their day with munching on a baguette. Having one on the menu would be such a delight.

2. Coffee – a typical afternoon of Parisians is drinking espresso while looking at passerby, reading, gossiping with friends, and what note. This is a must have for your menu.

3. Pastries – drinking a cup of tea or cafe au lait will not be complete without macrons or palmers. Do have this classic pastries and your good to go.

4. Appetizers – adding mixed greens for a salad and top it off with goat cheese and bread crumb is one appetizer. Or, you can go with savory onion soup.

5. Entrées – a good list would include beef bourguignonne, steak au poivre, and croque madame.

6. Desserts – top off a good French meal go for chocolate mousse, crème brûlée or chocolate mousse

Now that you already have an idea as to what are the basic food you should include on your menu, the next thing you need to do is to perfect them. You want to make sure you are serving to your customers food that are indeed what bistro is all about. Simple French food which you can easily serve and not too fancy as well. The pricing of every dish is a lot lesser compared to those served at a fancy French restaurant.
Or better yet, you can even educate yourself and start learning what other French delights you can add up to your menu. It would be advisable to go for the simpler ones and stick with the bistro theme. This is one way you can put the costing up to a minimal level and get profits at the same time.